Press reviews

  “…Durjay Bhaumik provided excellent tabla accompaniment with his aggressive and fiery percussion  demonstration that had the audience sitting up on their seats ….”The Hitavada,cityline , Nagpur-31stJuly 2008.

“…drummer Durjay Bhaumik play a mesmerizing game of one-upmanship,………! Newsday, New York City ,07th may 2007. 

“The constant variation in the pitch and tempo threw  the listeners into a trance and the hall reverberated with repeated clapping.Durjay Bhaumik enhanced the magical feeling of the fast strokes”. – Hindustan Times , Bhopal Nov’06. 

“Durjay added further charm with his excellent tabla accompaniment  and several rounds of intricate solo variations.” –  The Hindu, Delhi Apr’14 , 06. 

“Durjay Bhaumik on the tabla accompanied  with restraint and understanding.” – Dainik Jagaran , Delhi May’28,
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